teamdress creates the perfect balance between sustainability, feel-good factor and special chic. The latest “ecoRover” collection focuses on sustainability and complements it with a modern look, comfortable cuts and sophisticated details. The fabric used in this collection is future-oriented and resource-saving with 65% recycled polyester and 35% cotton, which is procured according to Fairtrade conditions.

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Many washing tests and tests have confirmed the outstanding quality and durability of the collection. The entire collection was designed by teamdress for use in industrial laundry and is certified according to DIN ISO 15979.


Modern cuts, ergonomic shapes and up to 3-color designs are the basic elements of the timeless design of this collection. The skilful lines, for example in the back area, really compliment the natural body shape.


Unrestricted freedom of movement and comfort is guaranteed by the use of a variety of well-thought-out detail and construction. In all models, stretch material is processed in places that require flexibility so that the clothes are stressed and close to the body, so that the clothing always moves without hindrance.

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ecoRover is the first leasing-compatible workwear collection on the market that is certified with the “green button”. The green button is a state seal of the Federal Republic of Germany for sustainable textiles. All products marked with the green button are produced in compliance with numerous, demanding social and environmental standards. This includes avoiding hazardous chemicals and banning child labour. Independent inspection bodies check compliance with the criteria. It is the first registered guarantee mark of the Federal Republic of Germany, i.e. that the state and not teamdress itself is responsible for compliance with the criteria. This provides a further level of security for the unconditional fulfilment of all criteria.

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65% of the material used is made from recycled polyester. What does that mean exactly? To produce recycled polyester, used and sorted PET bottles are shredded, melted and processed into a new polyester thread, from which the fabric is then made. The use of original polyester is therefore significantly reduced and so forms a significant part of the resource conservation. The fabric we use is made up of 65% recycled polyester and in practice this means that more than 30 PET bottles are recycled and turned into new garments.

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The remaining 35% of the material is cotton, which is procured under Fairtrade conditions. The social aspects of growing cotton are particularly important here, although there are no differences in the product properties compared to conventionally grown cotton. The following aspects are strictly checked:

  • Prohibition of child labour
  • Environmentally friendly production of cotton without genetic engineering
  • Stable minimum prices and additional premium which helps provide security for cotton farmers
  • Improved working conditions and democratic organization of cotton farmers

Because farmers can sell larger quantities of their cotton through the Fairtrade raw material model for cotton, they are offered fairer trading conditions as well as new ways to bring about social change and greater environmental protection.
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