In addition to innovative clothing concepts and solutions for large customers, teamdress product development also offers medium-sized companies the opportunity to choose individual work clothing that matches their corporate image. In addition, the teamdress emblem service enhances the professional appearance of any garment.

Your own company clothing becomes a profitable investment without risk. Your employees increasingly identify with their work and colleagues, which strengthens the sense of belonging and makes them motivated ambassadors for their company.


The journey from design concept to finished product is a long one. Years of professional experience, expert knowledge, industry experience are the cornerstone of our product development.

The dimensions of any product are determined on a size-specific basis. Because the accurate fit of every garment type is one of the most important features, and the selection of the materials also requires experience and intuition. All designs must meet the highest internal standards, as this is the only way to guarantee protection, security and a comfortable fit. The product development is entirely in our hands. Design, draft, graphics, CAD and pattern sewing all work together effectively. Another chapter in the teamdress success story is production of most of our products at our own production sites. Our well-founded expertise is also evident in the trust of our trusted production partners.


Teamdress meets the expectations that successful companies expect. With flexible, fast and reliable production that meets the strictest quality requirements. teamdress therefore sometimes produces in carefully selected and certified European countries as well as in its own factories.

The consistency of production enables production processes to be optimized more and more. Quality controls are also carried out on site in all partner companies in order to ensure consistent, high quality.


For a professional appearance, teamdress offers the customization of workwear to customers precise requirements. Workwear and protective clothing can easily be equipped with direct embroidery or with an emblem, company logo, name or association emblem. Transfer, plot, flock or patch are also possible. If required, teamdress can manage the development of the emblems e.g. for company logos and name emblems.

Workwear from teamdress ensures a uniform and professional appearance for all employees, underlining the personal company image and increases the recognition value of customers and partners in the long term


From the design idea to on-site delivery: teamdress closes the textile cycle with sophisticated supply chain management.

The entire process-linked value chain from the supplier through production, distribution to end users is organized with the latest ERP systems. In order to be able to react quickly to customer orders, teamdress has expanded its logistics park with its own raw material warehouse. Fluctuations in the delivery of components are manged entirely by us so a timely delivery of products is guaranteed. A modern central warehouse and professional logistics partners ensure that all orders are reliably delivered to customers. In addition, the efficient teamdress logistics allow personal deliveries to individual employees if required. Teamdress also offers stock holding on behalf of its customers if required.